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Tips on moving

Here are some of the top tips for moving:

  1. Organise your boxes
  2. Find out if the removal company will provide boxes – and how far in advance they can drop them round. If you’re doing the job yourself, go on the hunt for boxes and packing material a couple of weeks before and if you can’t find enough think about buying some online.
  3. Think about parking
  4. Check the parking situation at your old and new home well before the big day. Is there enough room to park a van? Will anyone need a permit? Can you arrange for neighbors to make room for you? That’s one way to break the ice!
  5. Tell everyone you’re moving
  6. Notifying people of your move is best done in advance as long as you’ve exchanged contracts, particularly if you have to do it in writing. Make a list of who needs to know, including:
    Your bank/building society
    Credit card and store card companies
    Phone and internet service providers
    TV licensing
    Local council
    Subscriptions and clubs
    Your employer and children’s schools
    Gas and electricity supplier
    Doctors and dentists
    Friends, family and colleagues
    Home insurer
  7. Pack early and wisely
  8. Before you start to pack, force yourself to de-clutter. Once you’ve got your possessions down to a manageable amount, make sure breakable and valuable items are safely wrapped, and set aside a bag to keep with you for important documents, jewelry and items of sentimental value.  Every box and bag should be labelled with its destination, such as the room and any special instructions to the movers.
  9. Make a survival pack
  10. The last box to go on – and the first to come off - the removal van, this should carry everything you need for that day. Include cleaning products, a kettle, cutlery, a pen and paper, toolkit, light bulbs, bread and milk, snacks, a flask of tea or coffee, takeaway menus, mobile phone charger and essential toiletries such as your toothbrush. Put in a set of bedding, a towel and a change of clothes or any work clothes for the next day in case you’re too exhausted to unpack anything else once you arrive. If you have children, get them to do the same so they know where their favorite toy is, as well as their bedding so they feel settled at bedtime. And don’t forget a bottle of champagne and glasses!

What to do on moving day

  1. Make sure everyone knows what they have to do – and when. Take children and pets to a safe, settled place so that your movers can get on with their work. Leave any fixtures and fittings that you agreed, and when you get to your new house make sure that any you requested are there. Be the last to leave your home to make sure everything has left too.

Once you’ve moved in

  1. Read the meters at the new house and find out who your supplier is to make sure you don’t pay for gas and electricity that the previous owners have used. It’s a good idea to change the locks so you know you’re the only one with keys. Contact your insurer to check your home insurance policy is valid for your new home straightaway. Unpacking all those boxes might take you some time.

After all is done,
Crack open the champagne – You deserve it.